Anu Kewalram Interiors is a Dubai based interior design studio specializing in residential interiors throughout the UAE and overseas, for private clients. Led by Anu, our experienced team provides a personalized design service to create classy interiors that perfectly suit the client’s context and needs, will stand the test of time, and encompass comfort, sophistication and practicality.

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Anu is a creative interior design director who believes in the power of interiors to transform daily life. She strives to design unique interiors that are crisp and stylish; designs that remain fresh year after year. She believes every space should have a beautiful story to tell. Anu has cultivated a design philosophy focused on attention to detail while blending the client’s personal style with her distinct design visions - which are elegance, ease, sophistication and warmth.

Her classic aesthetic comes with a timeless twist, with just a hint of edge. Born and brought up in Singapore, Anu gained experience initially in 2010 working on some personal projects before she went on to graduate with a distinction in Interior Design. She launched her own studio in 2019 to cater to the growing demand for her services from private clients.

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Offering highly personalized and friendly design services our focus is on creating bespoke interiors that encapsulate our clients’ needs and dreams. Anu Kewalram places particular importance on the practicality and comfort of the spaces we design, ensuring that they not only look beautiful but are also livable and inviting.

We understand that the success of our projects lies not only with the end-result but also with the process . We take pride on the level of customer service we provide, taking on a limited number of projects each year to ensure each and every client receives the time and attention they deserve.

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Our thorough design process allows us to unite the client’s current requirements and tastes with aspirational lifestyle choices. We aim to create one-of-a-kind spaces, that are designed to allow our clients to live better and experience stylish living like never before.

Our dedicated team is passionate about delivering results that surpass expectations in terms of quality, creativity and exclusivity. We manage the entire process from feasibility to design – developing impeccably detailed solutions to support the client’s chosen vision for the project.


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